Year Two

Spring Two- The Great Fire of London



Some of the great art work created by the children. 




The children became bread tasters and bakers. 


The classes enjoyed a spring walk round the village to aid their geography work. We have been comparing cities and villages. We went in search of village features. On route we met Clive, who taught us all about hedge laying.


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the chidlren took part in a dragon dancing workshop. 

Spring One - Arctic Adventures 

In English, the classes have loved reading and completing work related to the text Lost and Found. Drama actvities helped us to explore the characters feelings and consider what they maybe saying. 


In maths, we have been learning about bar graphs, tally charts and pictograms. We used smarties to help us learn how to tally! 



We have been spending Monday mornings with Jo, from GLK Academies. Shapes, balances and rolls have been explored. 




Children explored shades and feelings linked to colours in art. Northern lights art work was created using pastels and chalks. 




Beebots have helped to learn about algorithms. 



Autumn Two- Toy Story 

We visited Abington Park Museum to investigate old toys. 




In class we read poems linking to our topic and performed them in groups. 



The children chose their favourite toy from home to share with their friends. They explored the features, functions and the materials.





Autumn One - Jurassic Park



Children made some fantastic dinosaur landscapes as part of their homework. They enjoyed sharing and discussing their designs. 



The children created some fantastic dinosaur collages and one big art attack of The Year Twosaurus !



As part of our computing lessons, the classes enjoyed creating fact file presentations about their favourite dinosaurs. The children developed their importing images, entering text and editing skills. 



In PE children having been developing movement skills and partner work. One game the children have enjoyed playing is rock, paper and scissors. All the children explored fair play, winning and losing and celebrating achievements.